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It took a long time:
We are proud to present the new and official qepHom-Saarbrücken-Logo!
It is hard to oversee the resemblence to the known logo of starfleet academy, and that's exactly what we wanted. The famous phrase "ex astris scientia" (science from the stars) has been adapted to "ex astris lingua" (language from the stars).
The pointy elements in the three corners remind of a klingon trefoil.
Below, you can read the word "Saarbrücken" for the place of the headquarter, followed by the roman number MMI (2001) for the year of the qep'a' in Brussels which I have organized, representing all the qepHommey that had been hold outside of Saarbrücken.
neues qepHom-Logo

Next to mention is that this years qepHom registration is back online. This time, the rates for the rooms are listed seperately. For this reason, the small print has changed a little.

Step by step, the Klingon Language Archive is growing, but so far only in german. The first useful addition to see there, is a complete list of all available Klingon literature, in and about Klingon. (see it in german here)

Step by step, the page is growing:

The list of attendees has been completed again. Finally, the dutch part has been completely translated into dutch, and what's much more important: The Klingon section is now completely in Klingon. (both had been partially in english first)

Now new: Almost all of the website is now available in pIqaD for the really strong Klingonists among you!

Commercial notice: In order to announce the qepHom, a give-away brochure is available. If you know some people who might be interested, or you know a place to put them, we can send you some. (At this time only in German available)

Starting the new year, the website has been cleaned up a little bit, an prepared for the next qepHom. The page about the past qepHommey has now also become alittle bit more attractive.

The complete website has been re-arranged, lots of errors and dead links removed, and many missing pages added. Therefore it is recommended to only set a link to to avoid dead links.

The information for the upcoming Saarbrücken qepHom No. 6 is now also available in english and the list of participants has been updated; we are now expecting eight guests, and we are sure that many more will attend.

Now new: the tiny Klingon-Quiz.
Soon also available in english, a possibility for everyone to test his or her abilities in Klingon, but it's also interesting for those who do not know what Klingon actually is.

Next, two more radio reports are online now (only in german for the moment), and two articles from the newspaper about the fifth qepHom.

Last but not least, it should mentioned that the sitemap has been set up to date.

The registration for the upcoming Saarbrücker qepHom is now activated, for the first time using an online form and with the necessary terms of service.

The german starting page has been re-arranged and the following meetings have been announced. First to come is the so-called "Summer-qepHom" (page in german) and in november the traditional qepHom Saarbrücken No. 6.

In order to stay tuned and also show the development of the site, this "news"-page has been established.

To avoid spam, there is no more @-symbol on this website, nor any direct mailto-link. Therefore, the contact-page has been established.

Infos on the upcoming qepHom V have been published, and pictures of the summer-qepHom are set online.

Information on the summer-qepHom is available.

january 2006
veSbe's report is finished and online, just like some other changes and links.

october 2005
The TV- and the radio-report about the qepHom have been added.

summer 2003
This was probably the first appearance of - it doesn't matter for the internet if you capitalize or not, but in Klingon, the H is always capitalized so I always write it like this.
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