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DoyIchlan qepHom'a' 18DIch

qepHom veb DaSuchmeH jajvam yIqaw:
14-17 November 2019.

tenwalvamDaq De' potlh DaSamlaH.

ngaS tenwalvam



loS jaj yugh qepHom wa'maHDIch, vaj Qapchu'mo' qepvetlh, loS jaj yugh latlh qepHommey 'e' wIwIvta'. naDev loQ qepHom jeymaj wIDel:

loghjaj, jar wa'maH wa', jaj 14, 2019

arrival day
The conference room will be available from 2:00 p.m.
If you like to practice klingon even more intensely, you can arrive in the morning and meet some other Klingonists at the cosy lobby.

buqjaj, jar wa'maH wa', jaj 15, 2019

Of course the qepHom will go its normal way learning Klingon,
including the usual lectures, exercices and games.

ghInjaj, jar wa'maH wa', jaj 16, 2019

Special Guest
Learning Klingon is more than language. Welcome a special lecture about Star Trek by Hubert Zitt.
closing party
To recover from the exhausting weekend, Saturday night will be a pleasing disctraction.

jaj wa', jar wa'maH wa', jaj 7, 2019

the big goodbye
After our last common lunch some people will start to depart.
Others will stay at the bistro and chat some more about or on Klingon,
that's open to everyone, but the program is over in the afternoon.

muvmeH mIw

DaH yInab

mataghpa' ghItlhvam yIlaD:
The prices listed on this page are not a real "attendance fee" for the qepHom. Actually, we want to make the qepHom for free; nobody makes money with it and nobody gets paid. But every participant receives a huge "convention-package" containing a lot of fun stuff which needs to be produced and hence be paid.
Every student who has been here before will certainly admit that you "get something for your money".

On the other hand, socalled "visitors" must pay an extra fee, because every participant is supposed to sleep at the hotel. That's the only way to organize the qepHom so cheaply.

Anyway, we will be very happy about a small voluntary donation, so that this year too, the qepHom will be a unforgettable event for every participant.

muvmeH qav'ap: 25,- €

This fee covers for the entire qepHom, including everything like conference room and working materials. Only available for people who stay at the hostel.

Local attendees, i.e. people who do not stay at the hostel because they live in town or close - should indicated whether they wish to participate in the meals with the group or not. This is surely to be recommended, as it's a lot more fun, and will help you pratcice the language.


Prices for one person fullboard.

  from thursday
(three nights)
from friday
(two nights)
from saturday
(one night)
Multiple room:
four or five people in one room

114.00 € 76.00 € 38.00 €
Double room:
one room with two seperate beds

130.50 € 87.00 € 43.50 €
Single room:
one person sleeping in a double room

150.00 € 100.00 € 50.00 €
NOTE: one Euro equals roughly 1.07 US Dollar (January 2016)


The annual motto-shirt is only available for qepHom-attendees. You can get a standard shirt or a lady-fit-shirt in all sizes from XS to XXXXL.
You can see photos of the previous T-shirts at the Klingon Language Wiki.


This T-Shirt is for everybody, no matter if you participate or not. Made for those who want to support the qepHom.
More information about that can be found at the support page.


The sparing attendee will miss one day and arrive on Friday,
sleeps two nights in a quad-room (2 x 34.00 = 68.-)
and pays his normal fee. (+ 25.-)
Total: 93.- Euro

If you want everything, and still save, then you arrive on Thursday,
sleep three nights in a quad-room (3 x 34.00 = 102.-)
pay the normal fee (+ 25.-)
and get a T-shirt. (+ 19.-)
Total: 146.00 Euro

yIqawchu': Hoch ngaS qav'apvam - mebpa'mey luDIllu' 'ej wejlogh bISoplaH. vabDot ghun Soj.

Due to the increased demand we have experienced in the past years, a pre-registration is now required.
After you register, we will tell you whether you are admitted to the meeting.
Please do not pay before you are told to do so.

jeSmeH naDev yI'uy.

Registration will be activated until september 15th.