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qepHom in the Newspaper

Due to the movie report in 2005, the local edition of Germany's most famous newspaper called "BILD" made a report about our fifth anniversary qepHom.
BILD-article of november 4th 2006
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Would you like some Klingon?

By HEIKE BRENNER; Saarbrücken - Do you speak Klingon? No Problem! Because this is exactly what you can learn soon in Saarbrücken. Lieven L. Litaer (26) is a true expert. "It all began in 1995 with Star Trek. The language fascinated me immediately", says the language expert (ten languages!). "My parents did not like it in the beginning. But they started to accept it by the time", Lieven says smiling. "Cursing and secret notes - and nobody will understand. Great!" says Litaer. He has translated several dictionaries into German already. "The special on it is just the special." The language appears easy to learn. From a linguistic point of view, you learn to think differently. "You just need to think backwards in your mind", says Europe's best Klingon translater. And learn 2500 words. Watching Star Trek movies without subtitles is no problem for him. Litaer can follow the story without any problem. Even Shakespeares "Hamlet" is available in Klingon! But that's not enough. Lieven L. Litaer is also singing in Klingon as "Klenginem". From November 17 til 19 everyone can attend the Klingon classes - with no charge. More information can be found on

[BILD SAARLAND November 4th, 2006; translated by Lieven L. Litaer]

The reporters also attended the qepHom, and wrote this following article, which folled more than a half page of the newspaper:
BILD-Newspaper of vom 22. November 2006
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Attention Earthlings! We'll growl some Klingon for you!
In Saarland, an architect teaches 24 students to speak the space language.

By HEIKE BRENNER; Saarbrücken - His throath sounds rough. The dark sounds seem aggressive. But Lieven L. Litaer (26) does not have a cold. He is teaching a language - he is teaching Klingon. Normally, Litaer works as an architect in Saarbrücken. In his spare time he enjoys studying the warrior-race from the TV-show "Star Trek". And its rough language. "It all began in 1995 with Star Trek. It fascinated me immediately", says the language expert (nine languages!). He got his first Klingon Dictionary in the United States. In the meantime, he has become Europe's best Klingon speaker, even giving classes. Some example? "Do you speak Klingon?" is "tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?" Now Lieven has again invited for his language classes in Saarbrücken. For free. 24 Klingon-speakers have come from all Germany and the Netherlands. Among them the chemist Dr. Peter Schindler (39) from Kleve: "I first learned a constructed language from the Lord of the Rings. It really fascinated me. That's how I got to Klingon." For a better understanding of the language, Litaer plays excerpts from the movies. The attendees pronounce what they have learned as a group. Memory cards help to memorize the words by playing. Exercices and vocabulary are independently compiled during the classes. All of this very serious and scientifically. "I love the straightforwardness of the Klingons", says the director (39) of an IT-company from Munich. "I do not like people beating around the bush." With Lieven, all participants have learned their Klingon for the daily use. Only the usage of it might be difficult: The Klingons live some 130 lightyears away from us.

[BILD SAARLAND November 22nd, 2006; translated by Lieven L. Litaer]

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