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For many people, the qepHom is not just a language course, but it's a very special event.

We want every participant to remember this event positively for a long time, so we try to make as much effort from the small budget we have. Since the qepHom is not a commercial event, there is no entrance fee. We also have no big sponsors; no free soda, no movie posters from our favorite company and no flags from a local bank. We only have the great support from the KLI which keeps supplying us with some memory cards and stickers.

This system has been working for a long time, and it will keep on running. But with a small donation from time to time, we can make the qepHom a bit larger with small surprises for everyone, for example with a cake for dessert or an extra barrel of bloodwine...

Promoting the Klingon language

The annual meeting is only the tip of the iceberg. The main purpose of "qepHom Saarbrücken GbR" as a European division of the Klingon Language Institutes is to promote, support and spread the Klingon language. For instance we keep in close contact with the KLI, we follow the development of the language and make lists of new words.

Even the creator of the Klingon language, Marc Okrand, has given us a few new vocabulary, which had their origin in the qepHom in Germany. So you see that the Klingon language is being tought literally from the basic sources.

With your financial support we can invest more time and energy into this research.



Anyone can make a donation when registering. There is a field to fill in your donation, it will be added to the to be paid amount. The same rules will apply as mentioned below - as long as you want that. Donators can remain anonymous is preferred.


Since 2010 there is the possibility to become a supporting member of "qepHom Saarbrücken".
To accomplish this, make a donation of more than 5 Euro*, while everyone can decide himself about the amount of the donation!

Every supporting member receives:
  • A button with the annual Logo
  • Certificate of membership
  • An entry in the list of members

    * The duration of the membership always ends at the next qepHom.


    If you like to support the qepHom with a donation of more than 40,- Euro, you will receive this following official qepHom-T-shirt. It is available in any color you like, and also as a lady-fit size.

    The official qepHom-T-shirt, black The official qepHom-T-shirt, white

    The official qepHom-T-shirt


    For privacy reasons, the banc account information is only visible for attendees at the members-only-area.

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