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Another message from Maltz...

Title:qep'a' chabal tetlh (qep'a' wish list)
Source:qepHom 2015 Exercise book
Published:29 october 2015

Attendees of this year's qep'a' gave Marc Okrand a wish list, here are some words that Maltz answered.

(belt) buckle - 'alnIl

road, street, path, etc. - taw

LL: So this is the physical counterpart of the He, right?

MO: Yes, that's true. It's the thing you can see and walk on. The question is, if you fly an airplane, you have socalled airlanes, certain place that planes are supposed to go, so is that a taw or is that a He? I can't answer this now.

Qov asked for the verb "imagine, envision", which Maltz told us is jal, with the object being a noun:
puvbogh targh yIjal
Think about a flying targh.

The object can also be a phrase:
tlhIngan SoH 'e' vIjal
I imagine you are a Klingon.

Maltz was once asked for the Klingon word for "tardigrade." He never heard of such a thing. He said just to use the Federation Standard word with a Klingon pronunciation: tarDIghaD.

tera' nagh DIr charwI'
or, if the context is clear, simply
nagh DIr charwI'

tera' bIQ lung'a'
alligator (probably also "crocodile")

"vein" is 'aD. In general usage, this means either a vein or an artery, so a better translation might be "blood vessel." In medical usage, however, doctors and so on make a distinction between mej'aD "artery" and paw'aD "vein." Maltz said that he thought that earlier these were mejmeH 'aD and pawmeH 'aD, but over time they were shortened.

DIr paH bID
kilt-like garment

The term is used whether it is made of DIr ("skin"), as it traditionally was, or not. When the context is clear, this is sometimes shortened to DIr bID.

LL: Talking about clothing - somebody wrote on facebook that he is surprised there isn't a word for body armor.

MO: "body armor" is SIryoD.

LL: Now, if a SISyoD protects you from the rain, so what does the SIryoD protect you from?

MO: Your enemy... or the incoming stuff that's going to hit you.

LL: So what does SIr mean?

MO: I don't know, Maltz just said SIryoD is "body armor". He said he thought about other words too, he mentioned may' Sut, but he liked that SIryoD better. He said SIryoD is an old word.
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