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From:Marc Okrand on Facebook
Date:Sun, 2 Jun 2013 21:58:04 -0700
To:Lieven L. Litaer on Facebook

Screenshot showing message from Marc Okrand on Facebook Lieven --

The surprise got here... and what a good surprise it was (or, actually, what good surprises they were)!

I am so glad they revised the German edition of the Klingon Dictionary. I was always sad when everyone complained about it. But I'm even more glad that you are the one who was responsible for the revisions. Congratulations! It is an honor to be sharing a title page with you.

And Maltz and I really liked the scroll. (He told me the word for "scroll" was <Qumran>, by the way.). Thanks to everyone who wrote messages or drew pictures. We really appreciate all of the nice thoughts.

And you are quite right. This is the first time something I autographed came back to me... improved!

Your timing was not too far off. The package got here a little more than a month before my birthday. So it was a good pre-birthday gift.

The name you saw in the movie credits for "language consultant" (is that what it said?) was Britton Watkins. He's very much involved with the Na'vi-speaking community and also interested in Vulcan. He was on the set and coached the actors when they spoke Klingon. He's the one Zoe Saldana was talking about. I wrote all of the Klingon dialogue, however, and I was in touch with Britton during the filming, though I was not on the set with them. I did work with Zoe Saldana during post-production. I also worked with some voice-over actors (you can hear them shouting during all of the fighting).

- Marc

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