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The Klingon Language Meeting in Saarbrücken (in Klingon called qepHom) is set up to give Klingon speakers and students the possibility to meet and learn the Klingon language together. The qepHom is a non-profit organisation and is run only as a hobby.

The information about the Klingon language which is shown here is published only for scientific and educational purpose.

The qepHom is not a registered association (e.V. according to German laws), so we cannot give a receipt for any donations.


Details hierzu gibt es im Punkt Datenschutzerklärung.

Terms and conditions

To participate at the qepHom in Saarbrücken, the attendees must accept our Terms and Conditions. These only include the basic rules and obligations of the organisation and the attendees, in case there might be a problem to solve.

Supporting membership

There are no obligations or privileges for a supporting member, nor for "qepHom Saarbrücken". The supporting membership begins with a single donation to the qepHom. The membership is connected always to the upcoming qepHom and ends at the end of the actual year, on December 31st. A refund is not possible. Read more about this here.



qepHom Saarbrücken
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Account information

For security reasons, the banc account information is only provided for registered members.

liability disclaimer

Although we carefully control external links, we are not responsible for their contents. The only responsible for those websites are their owners.

responsable for the contents

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The word "qepHom" is not a registered trademark. Star Trek™ and Klingon™ are registered trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. No infringement is intended. The organizer is in no way connected to any of those mentioned companies. The qepHom is supported by the Klingon Language Institute, which is an authorized user of the above mentioned trademarks.


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listing of costs

The incredibly high registration fee of 25 Euro per person covers the following costs:

  • 0,50  annual membership at the Youth Hostel organization (26,- Euro divided by number of participants)
  • 0,50  qepHom-Sticker
  • 4,00  40-page exercise booklet
  • 3,50  annual practice gadget (z.B. Kalender)
  • 2,00  snacks, candy, cake
  • 1,00  paper table covers
  • 1,00  decoration in general
  • 1,00  banc fees
  • 0,00  telephone
  • 0,00  rental of the room

Even without a calculator, it is clear why donations are quite welcome. ;-)